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Souping and Sifting: Textures for Stewing and Transformation

Print, Oil Pastel

This work is grounded in an appreciation of and an appetite for the transformation that comes from artistic experience. My research was initially motivated by my experience of heightened sense perception of the arts during the COVID-19 pandemic. My research put a microscope on the specific qualities and texture of transformation in and through artistic work.These transformations can be micro, macro and both: a change of mood, physical sensation and reality. These experiences can happen as a result of making art or colliding with it: listening to music, dancing, walking into an installation.Drawing from the well of these collective and collected experiences,this recipe book aims to provide textural pathways into the experience of transformation. These recipes aim to create avenues to share the usually individual experiences of narrowness, spaciousness, transformation that come from the artistic process. I hope these recipes offer resonance. I hope these recipes offer a small moment of refuge from what can feel like a deep loneliness of material experience, from the loneliness of only living in one body.

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