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The Race 2020 Series & Friends are the Best- Together Series

Mixed Media on Paper

Alyssa Liles-Amponsah is a Philadelphia based artist. Her work centers on public discourse, community, experiences of womanhood and American culture. Alyssa often uses painting, collage, mixed media and photography in her work. She has illustrated a children's book, The Beauty of My Skin, by Cecily Cline Walton as well as academic book covers within the field of education. Learn more at

"The Race 2020 Series"

These pieces were inspired by the heartbreaking inequity in our country in regard to the 2020 pandemic as well as the continued unchecked violence against African Americans and people of color.

"Friends are the Best- Together Series"

These pieces are inspired by the resilience, strength and spirit of friendship in the midst of adversity. These pieces remind us that style, friendship and fun still exist, even during surreal times.

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